Margery Smith Massage Therapy
Other Modalities Offered

Deep Tissue Massage  - various techniques are used  to free up the body's connective tissue and muscles and to encourage proper functioning. Deep tissue massage can help to release chronic patterns of tension on the body through slow strokes either following or going across the grain of muscles, tendons and fascia. Deep finger pressure may be used on concentrated areas.

Reflexology - the use of finger pressure on points on the feet that correspond to different  parts of the body.

Shiatsu Massage - works with acupressure points along meridian lines used by acupuncturists. Finger and palm pressure and the incorporation of breathing and stretching help bring your body to a state of balance. This massage is done through clothing on a padded floor mat.

Swedish Massage - "the mother of all massages" is very effective for alleviating stiffness in the muscles and joints and stimulating circulation. By relieving tension, your body will be more relaxed, promoting a feeling of tranquility and well being.

Thai Massage (Nuad bo-rarn) - consists primarily of pressure on energy lines, known as sen lines, along with stretching movements similar to yoga. This massage can increase flexibility, release deep and superficial tension and help the body's energy flow. This massage is done through clothing on a padded floor mat.