Margery Smith Massage Therapy
Office Oasis: Massage in the Workplace

Office Oasis is my massage practice for the workplace. I offer 15-50 minute Indian Head Massage sessions for you and your employees. Indian Head Massage is a seated massage with no disrobing, making it ideal for the workplace.

Physical benefits include greater mobility in the neck and shoulders, and relief of eyestrain and tension headaches. This helps increase concentration levels and alertness. Indian Head Massage can help prevent repetitive stress injuries and create greater comfort at your workstation. 


  • $20 for 15 minute treatments - focuses on upper back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands.
  • $65 for 50 minute full treatment - includes above areas plus face and scalp.
  • 2 hour minimum

"Margery is an integral part of our in-office benefits program of promoting a healthy mind and workplace.  With her weekly Indian head massages, she takes the time to ask each employee their needs and focuses on their relaxation while also relieving their upper body tension. She is excellent and we have had the opportunity to work with Margery over the last decade and have plans for many more years ahead."  ~Rosemary Olsen, Publisher, North Bay Bohemian