Margery Smith Massage Therapy
Seasonal Health

Fall is here.  The nights are becoming longer than the day. Now is the time to prepare for winter, the season of rest.

In the Chinese Five Element Theory, metal is the element associated with fall.  The lungs (yin) and large intestine (yang) are the organs associated with metal. The sense organ for the metal element is the nose.

The lungs rule Qi. The lungs are where the Qi outside the body meets the Qi inside the body. The lungs open into the nose. Upon inhalation Qi moves down the body and upward upon exhalation. The lungs rule the exterior of the body, skin, sweat glands and body hair. The throat and vocal cords are also related to the lungs.

The large intestine plays a major role in the balance of fluid. While moving fluid and food downwards, the colon absorbs water from the waste and releases what is no longer needed.

The emotion associated with the lungs and colon is grief.  Repressed grief causes contraction in the lungs thus interfering in the movement of Qi and nutrients, making the lungs congested. Breathing controls the autonomic nervous system. Focusing internally and long deep breathing help keep the body and mind in balance.

Qi flows through meridians or “energy highways” accessing all parts of the body. A disruption of Qi can cause illness. The lung meridian begins just under the clavicle and ends on the thumb and the large intestine meridian begins on the index finger and ends on the outside corner of the nose.

Shiatsu massage works on all meridians. I begin this massage by stretching the muscles and joints to open the body and then focus on specific pressure points on each meridian. Shiatsu follows the breath. This 90 minute massage creates balance in the body.

It is said that during the times of seasonal change one must take extra care of our immune system. The immune system is tied to the lymphatic system. A lymph drainage massage can improve the function of the immune system and increase the production of antibodies. A lymphatic massage can also reduce inflammation in the body. A lymph massage is a 60 minute treatment.

I can also provide herbal information in regards to lung or intestinal issues you may experience during this time or herbs for nourishing and strengthening these organs.